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Solutions For The Enterprise


  Integrated Digital Solutions Inc. has been serving the corporate community with great success.  Our associates have won praise from such Fortune 100 companies as HP/EDS, American Express, General Motors, Dunn & Bradstreet. We have also worked closely with Governments and Health Care providers to create innovative solutions for the enterprise. We have helped numerous companies create great software, websites, portals and WebServices to meet the needs of their internal users and external customers.

What's New

Modernization in Government

   Our team is working with several Ministries to update and upgrade legacy technology infrastructure and software solutions.

Health Care

    Our team has helped many large health care providers catch up with technology, improve their capabilities, and save money. Our clients include US DoD, Florida Hospital, and others.

Enterprise Integration

    Our team has helped the Minnesota state government integrate their law enforcement, courts, prisons, etc to improve communication, information flow, and overall management activities with an award winning solution.


    Check out General Motors consumer portal,  Thanks to a breakthrough in technology, our team has helped one of the busiest sites in the world handle more traffic while being more maintainable and providing the company with better management and tracking abilities.

What we can do for you

  • With a proven track record and the best team of seasoned talent, let us solve all of your outsourcing needs.
  • Let us find the technology that best suits your business.  We can also provide maintenance of older systems, design migration strategies, and create bridges between new and old systems.
  • We have helped many public and private sector organizations create modern scalable thin-client applications; we can help you too.
  • We can create, install, host, and support your systems for less because of our progressive management style that keeps costs down, while providing the highest quality service to you.
  • All work is done on-shore, by the best in the business